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Confidence at the Core


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Confidence accounts for a greater percentage of influence than most of us realise.

Your confidence determines:

  • whether you’re heard when you have
    something significant to say,
  • your ability to push back when others try to
    control or manipulate you,
  • other people’s perceptions of you and your
    scope of influence, and
  • your capacity to exhibit maturity through

Despite great effort to manage our confidence, we often come up short. We fail to project the right balance of confidence and humility that other people read between the lines.

In the world of confidence, there is no faking. You either are the real deal or you are not. If you long to grow to the next level, confidence is non-negotiable. The question is how to get there.

Confidence at the Core translates the abstract elements of this mystery called confidence into simple, applicable frameworks that will help you ultimately develop your confidence from the inside out. Experiencing your best life is possible. But to get there, you’ll need Confidence at the Core.


Mike Fisher has trained thousands of senior and executive leaders around the world in his model of confidence management through workshops and one-on-one executive coaching.

He is the author of Confidence at the Core, the creator of The Confidence Course, and was featured at TEDxSquareMile, London where he presented a talk on confidence.

Confidence at the Core brings Mike’s methodology to your doorstep to empower you to experience your best life.



Ipsita Pal

Mike hit the nail on its head with his book, Confidence at the Core. You can’t “con” anyone in
confidence. My confidence has to be deeply rooted in my mind to manifest as part of my

The simple model he explores in his book helped me reflect on my experiences and search
inward about when, where and why I falter. His examples from childhood through his
formative years and anecdotes from his numerous interactions with movers and shakers
around the world resonated with me. The simple tools he suggests are effective, easy and
help shape both your mindset and its outward manifestation, making you a much more
confident person inside and out.

Congratulations, Mike, on a book well written.

Ipsita Pal India

Steve Jones

I love learning, and I’ve spent years learning about what makes people tick, and how that
impacts on people working together. I’ve even coached other leaders about all that. Mike
Fisher’s book, Confidence at the Core, showed me a bunch of insights into human motives
that I’d not come across anywhere else. I’ve since drawn on those insights in my personal life
and in public, seeing a breakthrough to relationships that are both more meaningful and more

Steve Jones United Kingdom

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