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Confidence accounts for a greater percentage of influence than most of us realise. Despite great effort, we sometimes still come up short. We fail to project the right balance between confidence and humility and lack the authenticity we desire.

Mike demystifies how confidence works with easy to understand frameworks that have been proven to equip people from all walks of life to break free from their lack of confidence and live authentically.

How Confidence Really Works

Learn the basics of how confidence really works by watching this free TEDx talk that Mike presented at TEDxSquareMile, London.

Confidence at the Core

Learn Mike’s complete framework of how to manage your confidence with dozens of client case studies, personal examples, and exercises.

The Confidence Course

The Confidence Course

On-Demand Course

Learn Mike’s complete framework of how to manage your confidence in this video based on-demand course.

Executive Presence

Executive Presence is established as one of the most critical factors behind influencing stakeholders of all levels and is a key criterion behind corporate advancement. The challenge is that Executive Presence is deeply nuanced and many times inadequately defined.

Mike is considered one of the top experts in the world on Executive Presence. He has trained and/or coached thousands of executive-level leaders (CXO, VP, Director, etc.) around the globe using his proven 7 Cs of Executive PresenceTM framework.

Introduction to Executive Presence Email Series

Learn the basics of how you can develop your Executive Presence with this free email series based on Mike’s 7 Cs of Executive PresenceTM framework.

Executive Presence Self-Assessment

Know where you stand. Measure your Executive Presence in 10 minutes using Mike’s online Self-Assessment.

Unleash Your Potential with Executive Presence

Mike’s complete corporate Executive Presence Course with over 100 videos and workbook full of application exercises.

Gravitas Executive Presence Programme

Gravitas Executive Presence Programme

Cohort-based Programme

Mike's premier executive presence programme made available to individuals irrespective of employer.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a confidential conversation where you and Mike partner together to help you achieve your goals. Typically this process results in elevated self-awareness of your deep motivators and patterns of thinking, resolution of internal or external conflict, and creation of firm action plans to help you move forward.

Mike has partnered individually as an executive coach with more than 1100 senior and executive-level leaders (CXO, VP, Director, etc.) across 30+ diverse business domains and worked with leaders from more than 25 countries spanning every continent of the globe.

Executive Coaching

Partner with Mike as your Executive Coach to grow, flourish, and take your game to the next level.

Executive Presence Coaching

Firmly establish your executive presence by working one-on-one with Mike through his 7 Cs of Executive PresenceTM framework.

Strengths Coaching

Understand and leverage your unique strengths and motivators to become the absolute best version of yourself that you can be.

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Cultivate your emotional intelligence by working with Mike through his proven four-step emotional intelligence coaching process.

Midlife Transition or Burnout Coaching

Constructively process your midlife transition or midlife burnout to positive ends by working one-on-one with Mike.