Mike Fisher unlocks the potential of organisations and leaders who seek to reach their fullest possibilities


You have a dream. You instinctively know that merely having a dream is not enough. Perhaps you feel your dream could move faster, reach farther, or have a greater impact. Or maybe you believe the journey pursuing your dream alongside others could be richer.

I have a dream too. My “Why” is to help organisations, teams, and individuals Unlock Their Potential. I aspire to take complex things and make them easy to understand. I find meaning from kick-starting transformations with amazing people that make the world a better place — organisationally and individually, commercially and socially, professionally and personally.

My passion is the space where your dream and my “Why” intersect.

Do you, your team, or organisation have a dream that you are longing to reach?

Is it time to Unlock Your Potential?



Mike consults with executive leadership teams, boards, and organisational leaders to resolve systemic behavioural challenges holding organisations back.

Each bespoke intervention is custom-designed to identify the roots of the issues and empower the team to overcome them together.

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Our Executive Presence interventions are framed around Mike’s proven 7 Cs of Executive PresenceTM:

Competence, Control, Confidence, Connection, Class, Collaboration, and Clarity.

Each custom-designed programme is constructed from the following:

  • Executive Presence pre-assessments (self, 180, and 360),
  • Training workshops, webinars, and/or self-paced on demand learning content,
  • Individual / group executive coaching,
  • C-Suite simulations, and
  • Post-programme assessments.

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What makes you one-of-a-kind? Do you know your authentic leadership style?

The Authentic Leadership Programme utilises strengths-based theory to unlock leaders’ strengths, empower authenticity, and connect participants to their unique motivators. Content is delivered via a one-day workshop or series of webinars followed by individual and / or team coaching.

CliftonStrengths® is the foremost strengths-based assessment tool in the world.

Mike was one of the first twenty Gallup-certified strengths coaches in India.

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Mike has partnered individually as an executive coach with close to 1000 senior and executive-level leaders (CXO, VP, Director, etc.) across 30+ diverse business domains and worked with leaders from more than 25 countries spanning every continent of the globe.

Mike’s coaching credentials include:

  • Post-graduate certificate in Executive & Business Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management
  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Gallup-certified Strengths Coach
  • Hogan-certified Coach
  • Certified Innovation Coach
  • DISC-certified Coach
  • Over 3000 clinical hours of coaching

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Leading a team is one thing. Knowing how to lead that team to its highest levels of performance is another.

Because teams are built with people, the dynamics and performance of teams are behavioural.

Mike custom-creates solutions for teams based on the specific requirement. These solutions typically involve:

  • Team dynamics assessment,
  • Team dynamics workshop, and
  • Individual or group coaching for the leader and/or the team.

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Every businessperson needs to develop better client engagement to increase client satisfaction and create strong relational platforms for developing new business opportunities.

Our Client Engagement programmes help generate higher client satisfaction and sales by empowering leaders to build strong, trusting relationships with their clients.

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The single biggest differentiator in performance among leaders at the executive level is emotional intelligence.

Our Emotional Intelligence programmes typically involve:

  • Workshop / webinar followed by
  • Individual or group coaching using Mike’s proven four-step emotional intelligence coaching model.

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Cultural awareness & international business etiquette is a necessity in today’s global business environment.

Leveraging Mike’s Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology, we undertake consulting and/or training engagements for multi-national organisations seeking to maximise cross-cultural effectiveness in global sales and operations.

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Confidence accounts for a greater percentage of influence than most of us realise.

We want to:

  • Close the sale with the client’s CEO,
  • Make an impression on our corporate board,
  • Win trust with our supervising manager,
  • Influence our peers,
  • Inspire our teams, or
  • Land the job when we go for the big interview.

Despite great effort, we sometimes come up short. We fail to project the right balance of confidence and humility that our key stakeholders are reading between the lines.

In the world of confidence, there is no faking. You either are the real deal or you are not. If you long to take your game to the next level, confidence is non-negotiable. The question is how to get there.

Confidence at the Core converts the abstract elements of this mystery called confidence into simple, applicable frameworks that will help you ultimately develop your confidence from the inside out. Reaching your full potential is possible. But, to get there, you need Confidence at the Core.


Confidence at the Core is available for purchase in the following formats:

  • Electronic book – available worldwide (except India) - click here
  • Paperback – available within India - click here


First American
Pitney Bowes

I have taken many leadership courses over my career. Mike’s Executive Presence course is at the top of the list.

David Dudley
United States of America

Mike’s coaching has been a revelation to me. Colleagues have noticed the changes which have led to a much healthier, happier and more effective organisation, as well as a healthier and happier me!

Steve Jones
United Kingdom

It’s been a wonderful journey working with Mike, after which I felt free and in control.

Jason Hsu

Our team significantly changed the way we work after Mike’s programme. My team says Mike’s coaching programme is the best they had undergone in their career.

R. Vivekanandah

The models and theories Mike taught helped me get clarity on the inner workings of collaboration which resulted in more successful negotiations.

Gerd Mueller

Mike’s programme was one of the most interesting programmes I have done. I use things every week that I learned from Mike.

Andrew Sparks

Mike’s tools helped open new vistas of understanding my peer and supervisor relationships and put me at ease with my natural abilities.

Giridhar Rajagopal

Mike distils his experience into a framework driven methodology, using guided questions to recognise what is important and personal anecdotes to make the coaching more real and actionable.

Thomas Mathew

Mike’s coaching style is a great balance of deep listening, gentle questioning and a timely nudge every so often. He was instrumental in helping to pull me out of a place of low self-esteem.

Peter Roxburgh
United Kingdom

Mike has been an excellent executive coach, not just for me but my leadership team as well.

Badri Setlur


C-Suite Advisor, Organisation Transformation Consultant,
Executive Coach, Leadership Development Architect,
and Author

Mike Fisher is a C-Suite advisor, organisational transformation consultant, executive coach, leadership development architect and author.

He works with executive leadership teams to solve systemic organisational problems by empowering them to develop executive presence, lead high-performing teams, drive sales, and maximise their business impact using the tools of emotional intelligence, self-confidence, psychometric profiling, behavioural management, and deep listening.

Mike has partnered individually as an executive coach with close to 1000 senior and executive-level leaders (CXO, VP, Director, etc.) across 30+ diverse business domains and worked with leaders from more than 25 countries spanning every continent of the globe.

Mike holds a post-graduate certificate in Executive & Business Coaching from the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management, Master’s degree in Anthropology, and Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry & Physics. He is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), Gallup-certified Strengths Coach, Hogan certified Coach, certified Innovation Coach, and DISC-certified Trainer & Coach.

Mike presently lives in Kolkata, India, with his wife of 29 years and has three adult children.