Live Your Dream Open New Doors Change Your Future

Live Your Dream
Open New Doors
Change Your Future

Establish your confidence from the inside out
with The Confidence Course.

Are You
the Real Deal?

In the world of confidence, there is no faking. You either are the real deal or you are not.
If you long to take your game to the next level, confidence is non-negotiable.
The question is how to get there.

The Confidence Course converts the abstract elements of this mystery called confidence into
simple, applicable frameworks. The goal of this course is to help you not only understand
what confidence is but to ultimately equip you to drill deep into the roots of where your confidence
uniquely comes from so that you can build your confidence from the inside out.


  • Increase your influence
  • Change other people’s perceptions of you
  • Push back with others who try to abuse you
  • Stop being a jerk
  • Be heard when you have something significant to say
  • Authentically be yourself without being influenced by the crowd
Be Empowered To

You will Discover

  • How to monitor and measure your confidence
  • The connection between confidence and other people’s perceptions of you
  • How your confidence impacts your behaviour
  • The difference between confidence and arrogance
  • Root causes of confidence which are unique to you
  • Strategies for managing your confidence
You will Discover


22 On-demand videos
to watch at your own pace

Workbook of self-paced exercises
to help you move forward in your own
unique individualised application


€33 / £29 / $39 US


€33 / £29 / $39 US


Mike Fisher has trained thousands of senior and executive leaders around the world in his model of confidence management through workshops and one-on-one executive coaching.

He is the author of Confidence at the Core and was featured at TEDxSquareMile, London where he gave a talk on confidence.

The Confidence Course brings Mike’s methodology to your doorstep to empower you to experience your best life.



Live Your Best Life